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“We’ve really just gained a ton of peace of mind, just knowing where the equipment is. Even if it doesn’t move –we know it’s there”

Trenton, Safety Manager & Field Accountant

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How Rental Companies Can Benefit from Spytec GPS Tracking

As the demand for rental machines and equipment grows, companies must continually find ways to avoid losing money and improve business efficiency. With Spytec GPS tracking, companies can avoid making assumptions in their business operations, and track their equipment more effectively and efficiently. 

This article outlines the reasons why rental companies should consider installing GPS technology on their rental equipment, including what some rental companies have to say about Spytec advanced GPS tracking technology. But first, how hectic is it really to run a rental company without an efficient GPS solution? 

Running a Rental Company Without GPS Tracking

Without GPS tracking systems, business operations aren't easy. Adventure Boat Rentals, a renowned Missouri boat rental company that recently adopted Spytec GPS tracking, admitted how difficult it was to handle some of their customer complaints beforehand. 

"I didn't get to use my boat all day because of the weather–I want a refund," is one of the common claims they faced. Without a reliable GPS tracker, it was difficult to confirm such assertions. 

“One of the greatest things about Spytec is the real-time and historical tracking feature –where we can map out our eight-hour days during the rental times to see the activity,” explained Wade Falming, Owner of Adventure Boat Rentals. “This allows us to go back and say ‘well, it does say you left here and you did all of this, which has helped us a tremendous amount.”

With GPS tracking, Adventure Boat Rentals has the proof of usage they need to maximize business on their rentals. 

Other management pains of running a rental company without GPS tracking include the following:

A Lot to Manage

Without an efficient GPS tracking system, it's hard for large rental companies to keep track of all their assets. 

Adventure Boat Rentals, for example, rents out pontoons, tritoons, and even water toys like paddle boards, kayaks, and tubes at  3 lake locations. 

At the end of the day, they should be able to tell where all the boats are and make sure they're returned on time, which could be a lot to handle without GPS tracking. "I once spent 2 hours trying to find a boat because the customers didn't know where they were at half the time," Wade Flaming admitted. 

With GPS tracking, Adventure Boat Rentals can now quickly and easily locate rentals and customers without the manual time, effort and work. 

Possible Theft

Without GPS tracking, your assets, vehicles, trailers, and more can become easy targets for thieves. Without a proper tracking system, the most you can do is report the crime to law enforcement, which can take more time than it takes thieves to sell it or scrap it for parts.

Island Golf Carts has been renting out golf carts in Folly Beach, South Carolina, and their operations are based on a model of delivering and picking up golf carts from customers. Without GPS trackers, it was hard to protect and prevent the risk of carts getting stolen and not being found. 

“After experiencing some theft, we now have a tracker on each one of our golf carts. So, while it's out, we know exactly where it's at,” explained Annie Morris, Owner of Island Golf Cart Rentals. “Our customers don't know that we have trackers on most of our carts, which is a huge plus – we can keep track of them behind the scenes and our customers can enjoy a fun mode of transportation on vacation.”

Too Much Guesswork

Rental companies that rely on guesswork waste a lot of time trying to manage their ever-increasing client base. 

In fact, Wade Falming explained that boaters previously had to drop a pin to the rental company so that rescuers would know where to look for the boat. However, some boaters didn't know how to drop a pin, and the rescue teams would often spend hours trying to find a boat because they did not know where to go. 

“Now, when customers get lost, we’re able to pull up their location right away and start guiding them back to us. Most importantly, when we’re going out and doing a rescue, we know right where they’re at so we can get to their location.”

Benefits of GPS Tracking for Rental Companies

Below are 7 benefits that Spytec's clients operating rental businesses experience after adopting GPS tracking: 

Improved Customer Service and Experience

If you manage a rental company, it's important to offer exceptional customer service. This also entails informing your clients about the availability of rentals in real-time. With an advanced GPS tracking system, it's easy to monitor the locations of your equipment at any time. If your client has surpassed the set deadline or taken a suspicious route, you can contact them early.

At Adventure Boat Rentals, all boats are due back by 6 pm. Around 5 or 5:30 pm, employees can now reference the Live tracker map to see if any boats may not be back in time –for example, if they are far away, or at a restaurant etc. Then, they can give them a call as a reminder.

“It really helps us to get the boats returned on time, and avoids any late evenings for the employees,” said Wade. 

An Extended Business Life Cycle

How you operate your rental company dictates how long your business could last. With advanced real-time reporting from GPS tracking devices, you can avoid downtime or breakdowns that can affect your daily rental schedule. By finding out which assets have been in regular use, you'll know when to plan for maintenance and ensure all your rentals are in good condition when needed for hire. 

Another benefit Adventure Boat Rentals gets out of using a GPS tracking system is making sure their boats are maintained. With trackers on each one, they can see which boats are due for maintenance and when, so they can locate them and take them to the shop. Alternatively, they can also see which boats are at the shop so they can plan accordingly.

Improved Safety

Even if GPS trackers don't prevent accidents, they can help enhance the safety of your rentals. Spytec smart tracking systems have safety features like Geofence alerts, asset tracking, and speed alerts that ensure clients remain within their safety limits. These features help companies to monitor and track their clients' adherence to safety and route boundaries.

Island Golf Carts uses features like Boundaries and Notifications to make sure their customers are where they're supposed to be at all times. "We get an email or an alert through the app and it's really easy to follow up on and stay updated if anything were to happen," as Annie Morris, the company's owner, put it.

"Our customers don't know that we have trackers on most of our carts, which is a huge plus – we can keep track of them behind the scenes and our customers can enjoy a fun mode of transportation on vacation," she added.

Efficient Monitoring of Equipment Condition

GPS tracking will help you schedule maintenance based on

your equipment's runtime. Scheduled maintenance ensures your equipment is continuously in good working order to prevent costly unplanned repairs and breakdowns.

For Adventure Boat Rentals, GPS tracking helps them to locate the assets due for maintenance and take them to the shop. 

Theft Prevention 

The last thing you want is to lose your business assets. Although authorities can get involved, they might have limited resources to help you track or find the equipment without a tracking device. The costly expenditure also takes plenty of time when the authorities are playing guessing games and can hinder your company's operations. With GPS tracking solutions from Spytec, you can monitor your rentals in real time and recover them quickly in case of theft.

Reduced Operational Costs

Insurance companies give discounts to rental firms with GPS tracking systems since such tracking minimizes the risks associated with rentals. GPS tracking also provides crucial reports such as overspeeding, fuel usage, and geofence alerts that help you make decisions to minimize fleet operational costs. 

Improved Tracking of Billable Time and Invoice Accuracy

GPS tracking helps you ditch old manual tracking methods and improve your invoice accuracy and billable time. This is important if you bill your clients based on the equipment's runtime. Additionally, monitoring runtime will eliminate human errors and improve productivity.

Wade, for instance, explains that now his company has the potential to know when the boat was in use–and when it was not. "One of the greatest tools about Spytec is the real-time and historical tracking feature —where we can map out our eight-hour days during the rental times to see the activity," explained Wade. "This allows us to go back and say well, it does say you left here and you did all of this,"' which has helped us a tremendous amount."

Need a Reliable GPS Tracking System? We’ve Got You Covered

If you own a rental company, you need accurate, down-to-the-minute information that tells you where your rentals are so you can gain peace of mind –and easily communicate with your customers if you need to. Spytec GPS helps you enhance customer service, improve operations efficiency, and ensure the total protection of your assets.

Read more about how Spytec helped Adventure Boat Rentals and Island Golf Carts to know more about our solutions for rental companies. 

In fact, Wade recommends Spytec. "I would highly recommend Spytec. It has been a great help for our needs and we're very happy.” You could experience this help too. 

Interested in learning more or trying Spytec for free? Get in touch with us today. 

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