The App
The App
The App

Secure, accurate, reliable GPS tracking software.

    App Features

    360° Tracking & Support

    • User Permissions

      Manage multiple users & control the information they can see.

    • Create Boundaries

      Receive alerts when the tracker enters or exits a designated area.

    • Custom Reporting

      Receive only the information that’s important to you.

    • Powerful Simplicity

      State-of-the-art GPS technology in the palm of your hand.

    The Newsfeed

    Locations, activities, and events that matter to you.

    Stay updated with key insights about your GPS tracker’s activity with a concise, customized newsfeed.

    Available for desktop and mobile

    Compatible with all mobile browsers

    Smart Notifications

    Real-time alerts you need, without the background noise.

    You won’t have to monitor your device 24/7 to get peace of mind. Our smart technology learns what information matters to you and customizes your notifications. You’ll only see what you need to.


    Trusted for any situation.

    • Keep valuables safe.

      Secure and recover your most valued possessions.

    • Protect loved ones.

      Keep track of the people you love and ensure they’re always safe.

    • Investigate infidelity.

      Learn more about your relationship.


    Business Solutions

    Choose your GPS

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    Our Products

    GL300 Real Time GPS Tracker

    Hardwired GPS Tracker

    OBD GPS Tracker for Vehicles





    Real-time GPS Tracking

    Easy install


    Appropriate for tracking vehicles

    Appropriate for tracking people

    Appropriate for tracking valuables

    Battery powered

    Powered by vehicle/asset

    Swappable between vehicles

    Vehicle data (fuel, driver info, & more)

    App Subscription

    All GPS trackers require the purchase of a monthly or annual subscription upon activation.