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“We’ve really just gained a ton of peace of mind, just knowing where the equipment is. Even if it doesn’t move –we know it’s there”

Trenton, Safety Manager & Field Accountant

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Spytec GPS for Business

Get real-time location data on the assets that matter most to your business.

Whether you’re at your desk or on the go, Spytec GPS empowers you to track and manage your vehicles, equipment, and personnel to ensure optimal efficiency and security.

Find the GPS tracking solution that fits your specific business needs.

Need a custom solution that covers more than one of the above needs? We’ve got you covered. Talk to one of our experts to build the perfect GPS tracking system for your business.

Experience the ease and simplicity of a
modern, user-friendly GPS tracking platform.


Get up and running in minutes.

Simply put your tracking devices in place, set your preferences, and start receiving meaningful data and alerts.


Receive alerts anywhere.

See real-time location updates and insights when and where you need them with no lags or interruptions—thanks to our reliable cloud-based technology.


Rest easy knowing your data is safe.

Ensure complete security with our top-tier data encryption and safeguards.

Asset Monitoring

Make sure equipment and other valuable items stay where they’re supposed to be.

Create custom boundaries and alerts.

Use our intuitive geofencing tool to define boundaries for each asset—and receive an instant notification anytime a boundary is crossed.

See accurate location details.

Find out where an item is in seconds—whether you’re using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Gain actionable business intelligence.

Run historical reports to identify opportunities for leveraging your assets more productively.

“If anything gets stolen—equipment, trailers—I’ll know exactly where it is.”

– Pauly, Owner of Mathis & Sons Air and Heating

Fleet Management

Track vehicle routes and driver behavior—all from one platform.

Optimize travel and delivery schedules.

Leverage historical data to identify patterns and fine-tune driver schedules.

Make sure trips are completed on time.

Follow a tracker’s movement in real time, or create a boundary alert to notify you when a vehicle reaches its destination.

Reduce maintenance costs.

See which vehicles are on the road most often so you can adjust usage to reduce wear and tear as well as align maintenance schedules.

“It makes you a better businessperson to have better technology and data at your fingertips to make better decisions.”

– Jason Brown, Project Manager at Capital Beverages

Supply Chain Visibility

Know the exact location of every shipment—every second of the day.

Give your customers peace of mind.

Keep your clients in the know on shipment progress and proactively communicate changes or delays.

Make timely, data-backed logistics decisions.

Identify problematic travel times or areas and re-route other shipments accordingly.

Streamline shipping processes and schedules.

Run reports based on historical tracking data to identify opportunities for improved efficiency.

“I can tell my customers what intersection their freight is sitting at, at any time.”

– Paul Webster, CEO at J&A Freight

Personnel Monitoring

Protect your business’s most valuable asset—your people.

Locate your employees in case of an emergency.

Pinpoint workers in semi-remote or rural areas and see records of their past locations.

Allocate personnel resources more effectively.

Get a birds-eye view of how your crew is distributed to optimize staffing at each site.

Empower each crew member to perform at their best.

Leverage historical tracking data to help employees make better decisions and improve efficiency in the field.

“It’s kind of like a cell phone. You’ve gotta have it. It’s something that I’d recommend to anybody.”

– James, Manager of Mathis & Sons Air and Heating


The Spytec GPS App

Customize boundaries and location alerts—all from our easy-to-use app.

View and manage the location of business-critical vehicles, equipment, and assets in real-time using your phone, tablet, or computer.

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Instant Notifications

View trip and location data from the palm of your hand.


Intelligent Reporting

Identify trends and make better business decisions.


Multi-Device Tracking

See real-time data for every tracker simultaneously.

The Spytec GPS API Integration

Connect Spytec GPS with your existing platforms.

Need to integrate our solution with the software applications you already use? We offer integration development services for enterprise customers.

Tell Us Your Integration Needs

See why Spytec GPS is the
best location tracking solution
for businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is asset management?

With respect to physical assets, asset management is the process of tracking, monitoring, and optimizing the use of each resource—often using a specialized software system.

Why is physical asset management important?

In addition to supporting resource efficiency, asset management—and more specifically, GPS tracking solutions designed for asset management—can help you quickly recover stolen or misplaced assets, thus avoiding a potentially devastating financial loss.

What is telematics?

Telematics is a combination of telecommunications (i.e., remote communications) and informatics (i.e., information processing). In the context of GPS tracking, tracking devices use telecommunications technology to transmit data like location, speed, and distance to a software application that visualizes this information.

What is fleet management?

Fleet management is the process of organizing, coordinating, and deploying commercial fleet vehicles in a way that optimizes costs, efficiency, performance, and risk mitigation.

How does fleet tracking work?

You can track the location of fleet vehicles by installing a GPS tracking device to each vehicle and using a GPS tracking application to view and analyze the resulting location data. The application collects and interprets the data transmitted by the trackers, providing valuable information about speed, driver behavior, distance traveled, and trips completed.

What is the best GPS solution for truck drivers?

The ideal solution for your trucking fleet greatly depends on your tracking needs. A variety of trackers are available with capabilities ranging from live location updates every second to every 24 hours. In addition to update frequency, you’ll want to consider your ideal battery life as well as other data points you’d like to track—like trip frequency and duration, mileage, and stops.

Where can I buy a GPS tracker for trucks?

Spytec GPS offers a variety of GPS tracking solutions specifically designed for commercial vehicle fleets. Check out our offerings here.

How do I install a GPS tracker in a truck?

Depending on what type of tracker you are using, you may have to wire the tracker to the vehicle or plug it into the OBD port. If you’re using a portable, wireless tracker, you can place it under a seat or attach it to a metal surface using a waterproof magnetic case.

How do I disable a GPS tracker in a truck?

To disable a hardwired or OBD tracker, you’ll need to unwire or unplug the device. To disable a portable tracker, remove the battery.

What does a GPS tracker look like?

There are several different types of GPS trackers available, but most are square or rectangular in shape with a hard exterior ranging from 2 to 4 inches in length and 1 to 3 inches in width. You can learn more about different GPS tracking hardware products here.

How do GPS trackers calculate exact location?

GPS trackers detect signals from a network of global satellites and calculate location using the mathematical principle of trilateration. Following this principle, the tracking device captures its distance from at least four satellites and transmits that data to a server that can then use it to measure things like location, speed, travel distance, and time.

How accurate are GPS coordinates?

Accuracy varies depending on geography and other physical factors. In a study conducted in a forested area, locations were accurate within 1 to 4 meters in open areas, 1 to 7 meters in a moderately dense canopy, and 3 to 11 meters in a closed canopy.

How much does a GPS tracker cost?

Pricing depends on the type of tracker, with hardwired and OBD trackers typically costing more than wireless trackers. You can learn more about different GPS hardware options here.

How can I improve fleet management?

One of the best ways to improve fleet management is to leverage location tracking technology to gain data-driven insights into vehicle routes, completed trips, and driver behavior. These insights will then allow you to make adjustments that will increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Does GPS use wifi?

GPS trackers themselves do not require wifi to transmit information. However, you will need an internet connection in order to access the data using a mobile or desktop application.

Will GPS work without an internet connection?

Technically, yes—GPS tracking devices can transmit data without being connected to the internet. In order to access that information via a GPS tracking application, however, your computer or mobile device typically must be connected to the internet.

Does GPS use cellular data?

Not all GPS tracking devices use cellular data, but many do. Either way, you typically must connect your computer or mobile device to the internet or use cellular data to access the information a GPS tracker collects and transmits—just as you would when using any other web-enabled application.

How do I activate my Spytec GPS trackers and account?

First, visit our activation page here. Fill in the required fields and select a subscription plan. You’ll then need to charge and reboot your tracking device. For more information about getting started with Spytec GPS, check out this help article.

How do I cancel my Spytec GPS service?

Log in to the web application here. Then, navigate to the menu icon in the top-left corner and select “Preferences.” Find the menu labeled “Trackers,” and select “Cancel plan for a tracker” from the dropdown on the right side. For more information, refer to this help article.

How do I track a GPS device live?

On the activity tab of the Spytec GPS application, find the tracker you wish to follow. If the ring around the tracker icon is solid red, then the device is not moving. If the ring is flashing green, then the device is on the move—and clicking on it will allow you to view the tracker in live follow mode on the map. For more information on live tracking, check out this help article.

How do I view previous tracker locations?

You can use the event tiles located in the activity tab to see individual snapshots of past events. Each time a tracker starts and completes a trip, a new activity card will display in this section of the application. Activity cards record information like starting and ending address, trip duration, and time. To learn more about event tiles, refer to this help article.

What subscription plans does Spytec GPS offer?

We offer three different subscription plans to meet your specific GPS tracking needs: Basic Tracking, Premium Tracking, and Elite Tracking. Schedule a demo of our platform to learn more about which plan is right for you.

Where can I place my tracker?

To track a vehicle, simply place your tracker beneath a car seat—or pair it with a waterproof magnetic case to attach it to a metal surface. Magnetic cases are usually placed under your car.

Do I need a SIM card or app to use my tracker?

All Spytec GPS trackers come pre-installed with SIM cards. To start using your tracker, simply follow the instructions on this activation page.

Do the trackers make any sound?

No. Our trackers are completely silent.

What kind of packaging are trackers shipped in?

Trackers are shipped in unmarked packaging, and purchase information is not detailed on billing statements.

What smartphones are compatible with Spytec GPS trackers?

Our trackers and tracking software work with virtually any smartphone or tablet. You can access your tracking information via our iOS or Android app or by using an internet browser.

What type of battery do trackers use and how long does it last?

The GL300 tracker comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. With standard updates every minute—and an average driving time of one hour per day—the battery will last 14 days. OBD trackers and hardwired trackers are specifically designed to track vehicles and are powered by the vehicle, rather than a battery.

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