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GPS Tracking for Fleet Management

If your business involves vehicles, GPS tracking is a must. Not only do GPS trackers help keep your assets secure, but they’re an essential part of fleet management. Installing GPS trackers can help you extend the life of your vehicles, optimize your drivers, and comply with driving regulations.

Optimize your fleet

When your vehicles spend hours on the road, efficiency matters. With the Spytec GPS platform, you’ll get a bird’s-eye view of all your vehicle routes, making it easier to spot overlapping trips and identify more cost-effective ways to organize your fleet.

With a GPS tracker that connects to your onboard diagnostics (OBD port), you gain valuable insight into your engine health, fuel efficiency, and other data that ensures employees use your vehicles efficiently and helps you spot problems early—before your cars, vans, trucks, and other vehicles need costly unscheduled maintenance.

Enforce safe driving habits

You can’t sit in the passenger seat on every trip, but with a Spytec GPS OBD Tracker, you can monitor brake force, acceleration force, speed, engine idle time, and other information you can use to incentivize and enforce safe driving habits. You’ll also be able to tell exactly how long your drivers have been behind the wheel, so you’ll be better equipped to comply with hours of service rules and other commercial driving regulations.

Increase your security

If your business depends on your ability to manage your fleet, you can’t afford to have vehicles go missing. A GPS tracker ensures that if one of your vehicles is ever lost or stolen, it can be swiftly recovered. Using GPS features like geofencing, you can get alerts whenever your vehicle arrives at or leaves from a designated area, such as a job site, a truck stop, your client’s property, or your base of operations.

The Spytec GPS platform 

Once you install a GPS tracker, you can monitor it in real-time using the Spytec GPS platform. This straightforward, intuitive software lets you see all your trackers at once, and you can use convenient filters to home in on the data you want. You can access it with a computer or via mobile, so whether you’re in the office or on the go, you can always monitor your vehicles.

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Get the best in GPS tracking

There are two main GPS trackers we recommend for businesses with fleets: the OBD Tracker and the Hardwired Tracker. Each of them provide an excellent balance of affordability and functionality, but which one is right for your company will depend on what you’re most focused on.

Spytec GPS OBD Tracker

The OBD Tracker connects to your onboard diagnostics (OBD) port and gives you access to helpful engine-related data. It’s perfect for companies that want to maximize their vehicle’s efficiency and encourage safe driving habits.

Spytec GPS Hardwired Tracker

Some employers want their GPS tracker to be more discreet, and for that, we recommend the Hardwired Tracker. The Hardwired tracker is installed by an automotive technician and is powered by the vehicle itself. Besides long-term deployment, the Hardwired Tracker is concealed within the dash and therefore our most discreet GPS tracking solution.