GPS Tracking for Car Dealerships
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GPS Tracking for Car Dealerships

    There are two major reasons car dealerships need GPS tracking: repossessing unpaid vehicles and recovering stolen ones. Installing a discreet GPS tracker will ensure you can swiftly find and retrieve your cars, vans, trucks, and other vehicles.

    Discreetly track your vehicles

    For car dealerships, a good GPS tracker is small and easily concealable. You want a device you can attach to the undercarriage, stash under the hood, or place in another location where it’s unlikely to be seen or disturbed. You also need something that’ll last for months without running out of battery. If your lessee finds your tracker, they may remove it.

    Repossess unpaid cars, vans, and trucks

    When a customer doesn’t pay their lease, you need to get your car back fast. You can only afford to delay for so long. With Spytec GPS trackers, you’ll have a global network of satellites to help you find your unpaid vehicles, whether they’re on your customer’s property or in a remote location. The right GPS tracker will give you a car’s coordinates 24/7. With Spytec GPS, you can access your tracking data in the office or on the go.

    Increase your security

    If one of your vehicles is ever stolen off your lot, a GPS tracker will ensure it’s swiftly recovered. Using GPS features like geofencing, you can receive mobile alerts the moment your vehicle leaves your property, so you’ll know when it’s somewhere it’s not supposed to be.

    The Spytec GPS platform 

    Once you install a GPS tracker, you can monitor it in real-time using the Spytec GPS platform. This straightforward, intuitive software lets you see all your trackers at once, and you can use convenient filters to hone in on the data you want. You can access it with a computer or via mobile.

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    Get the best in GPS tracking

    For car dealerships, there’s really only one GPS tracker you need to check out: our best-selling GL300 Tracker. It’s affordable, long-lasting, customizable, and discreet. This battery-powered model can easily be attached under the hood or beneath the chassis of your vehicle. We also have a full suite of accessories, so you can extend the battery life to up to six months, install it in a protective case, and adapt it to meet your needs.