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“We’ve really just gained a ton of peace of mind, just knowing where the equipment is. Even if it doesn’t move –we know it’s there”

Trenton, Safety Manager & Field Accountant

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Theft Prevention & Recovery

How Spytec’s GPS Asset Tracking Solution Can Help You Protect Your Assets

For some businesses, assets are what keep you running. Luckily, there is a way you can gain greater visibility, insight, and control over your assets –anytime and anywhere you need it. Get better asset protection for your business –with Spytec’s GPS tracking solution. 

Now, you can protect your peace of mind, and your assets, with an easy-to-use GPS tracking solution that just keeps getting smarter. Effortless to set up and even easier to use, you’ll have everything you need to run your business. 

Asset protection for your business  

Better protect your assets with Spytec’s industry-leading features –built to be your guardian angel. 

  • Always know when an asset leaves an authorized area. Smart Boundaries allow you to know exactly when a tracker goes where it shouldn’t. 
  • See where everything is, at any time. Keep a close eye on your assets as they move with Live Map & Follow Mode. 
  • Get notified with custom alerts that you set. Set up Alerts for movement, low battery and more so you always know what’s going on. 
  • Always know what happened. See a 24-hour history of tracker activity data with Time Machine. 
  • Stay up-to-date no matter where you are. Keep a pulse on your business from just about anywhere, anytime with a user-friendly Mobile App

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What our customers have to say

“Theft recovery is not something I feel we necessarily have to worry about with Spytec. We can quickly and easily see where our equipment is. And if it does get stolen, I’m confident we’ll be able to recover it with the GPS trackers.” - Trenton Rath, Safety Manager & Field Accountant, HQS Construction

Download & read the full HQS Construction Testimonial here. 

Unfortunately, theft is something we know business owners have to deal with. Luckily, we’re here to help give you peace of mind –whether it’s to prevent theft or provide assistance when recovering stolen assets. Looking to learn more about how we can help you better protect your assets? Or interested in trying Spytec for free? Let’s talk! 

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