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“We’ve really just gained a ton of peace of mind, just knowing where the equipment is. Even if it doesn’t move –we know it’s there”

Trenton, Safety Manager & Field Accountant

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GPS Tracking for Asset Monitoring

Keep tabs on the location of valuable items and equipment.


No Contracts

Enjoy flexible pricing with no long-term commitments.


Lifetime Guarantee

Replace devices quickly and easily at no cost to you.


On-Demand Support

Find the answers you need when you need them—so you can get on with your day.

Create custom alerts to notify you
when an asset moves.

Set boundaries for each tracking device and instantly know when it moves
outside of its designated area.


Real-Time Updates

Instantly access the precise location and history of your trackers, whether you’re on web or mobile.

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Flexible Boundaries

Draw location boundaries of virtually any shape or size.


Tailored Alerts

Receive only the real-time information that matters to you and your business.


“You can instantly log on and see where everything is at, even from your cell phone. The information is at your fingertips, and there’s no one else that competes.”

- Jason Brown, Project Manager at Capital Beverages


The Spytec GPS App

Get the information you need to manage, track, and recover assets—all at your fingertips.

Whether you’re at your desk or out in the field, the Spytec GPS web and mobile applications allow you to access location data in real time from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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Instant Notifications

View trip and location data from the palm of your hand.


Intelligent Reporting

Identify trends.


Multi-Device Tracking

See real-time data for every tracker simultaneously.

Spytec GPS Hardware



Our trackers are slim, lightweight, and easy to place.



Installation and activation is simple and intuitive.



We offer a variety of trackers and accessories to fit your needs.

See why Spytec GPS is the best location tracking solution.

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