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“We’ve really just gained a ton of peace of mind, just knowing where the equipment is. Even if it doesn’t move –we know it’s there”

Trenton, Safety Manager & Field Accountant

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How Construction Companies Gain Peace of Mind with GPS Tracking

If your construction company is like most, you manage many moving parts—and a lot of people—daily. You might have crews scattered all over, working on different sites. And you might be managing all of this manually, with phone calls, text messages, and a lot of paperwork.

The good news, GPS technology is the solution to make these day-to-day operations a little easier. With Spytec’s GPS tracking you can keep a pulse on all of your sites, and operations. 

Read on to see how one construction company has gained true peace of mind since implementing GPS tracking.

Too Much to Manage

With expensive equipment spread across job sites, employees traveling in company vehicles, and crews scattered all over, it became difficult to have full visibility into their day-to-day tasks. HQS Construction, a general road & utility contracting business out of the greater Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) area, unfortunately, realized this a little too late. 

“We had a skid-steer and two rollers stolen –all of which are specialty equipment. They're very expensive to replace, and they're also hard to find right now. The market is competitive for this kind of equipment, especially if they are in good working condition,” explained Trenton Rath, Safety Manager & Field Accountant at HQS Construction.

Rath and his team were never able to recover this stolen equipment.  Sadly, theft of construction equipment and vehicles is rampant and continues to be a big problem for companies

Employee Accountability 

With so many employees to keep track of and at least 5-10 projects at a time, Rath was unable to have full visibility into all of his worker’s day to day. 

 “After a foreman was caught sleeping in his work truck during the day, and another was caught logging longer hours than he worked on his timesheet, we really needed an efficient way to hold employees accountable while they’re out on the job,” explained Rath. 

After difficulties with theft and holding employees accountable, Rath found Spytec to help them solve their pains with GPS tracking. 

Real Benefits - From Real Stories

Below are 4 benefits that HQS Construction has seen after adopting Sytec’s GPS tracking:

Efficient Monitoring of Equipment Condition

With an accurate history of all equipment usage, GPS tracking has given insights into how much their tools are being used. Maintenance became easier to plan for, and with fewer surprises, they have avoided unexpected pay towards repairs or payment towards new equipment. According to HQS Construction:

“We can see exactly where our assets are at all times and know immediately if something is off course, which has helped us avoid costly delays and disruptions. The system has also helped us better manage our maintenance and repair schedules, as we can now track when our vehicles and equipment need to be serviced and plan accordingly.”

Now with Spytec, they’re able to get ahead of these unplanned repairs and make them a thing of the past with the right technology giving accurate updates. 

Transporting Materials Between Job Sites

Make more accurate decisions with more accurate data. Now, they can make more informed judgments about which equipment to move from which site and when. 

“GPS tracking has been a game-changer for our construction business. We can now see where our vehicles and equipment are at all times, which has helped us immensely with scheduling and coordination.”

Finding Missing or Stolen Assets

Every business owner worries about theft, but perhaps those in the construction sector worry even more. From our experience working with construction companies, there is often a lot of equipment spread out across all working sites. While it may not always be possible to prevent theft in these situations, it is much simpler to recover from theft when you have concrete information about where the item is located and know that a theft has actually occurred.

With Spytec, you can create movement or boundary alerts with GPS tracking systems for construction equipment so that you are quickly informed when something that shouldn't move to a specific area does. Ways to prevent theft using GPS include: 

  • Live Tracking –enables you to see the real-time data on your physical assets and act immediately if something is wrong.
  • Smart Boundaries –you can set up geofences around locations that contain your business's physical assets and be alerted if the boundary is broken.
  • Time Machine –allows you to see a map of each tracker's movement during a specific time period which is useful in a variety of business situations.

With the features mentioned above, Spytec takes the guesswork out of tracking and gives you the visibility you deserve. At HQS Construction, Rath said they “no longer have to worry about assets getting lost or stolen, as we can track them in real-time and take immediate action if necessary.” With their minds at ease, they have more time to focus on other parts of their business. 

Minimize fuel and operation costs

At construction companies, it’s important to keep expenses to a minimum to maximize profit margins. However, that is no easy task with the rise in fueling costs and maintaining high-powered heavy equipment and vehicles. With an increase in visibility through GPS tracking, HQS Construction was able to reduce their vehicle mileage and improve their route efficiency.

“We are now able to reduce our fuel and maintenance costs, as we can now plan our routes more efficiently and track when our vehicles need to be serviced. GPS tracking has helped us run our business more smoothly and efficiently." 

They can now plan accordingly and allocate these funds more efficiently. Giving them more time back and money to put back into their company.

A GPS Tracking System Built For Construction Companies 

 Spytec GPS tracking has allowed construction companies to track their employees' whereabouts and the location of their equipment. This has led to a decrease in theft and an increase in productivity. 

Read more about how Spytec helped HQS Construction here.

Interested in learning more or trying Spytec for free? Get in touch with us today. 

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