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“We’ve really just gained a ton of peace of mind, just knowing where the equipment is. Even if it doesn’t move –we know it’s there”

Trenton, Safety Manager & Field Accountant

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Unlock These 3 Main Insights with Real-Time GPS Tracking

Your company's assets are integral to running your business, and GPS tracking gives you the data and insights you need to monitor your assets in real-time. 

More specifically, real-time GPS tracking helps companies keep track of assets, manage time, and gain valuable insights into the ins and outs of their daily operations. 

Below are three key insights companies can unlock by implementing real-time GPS tracking. As a result, you can gain greater control over your business.

1. Pinpoint Accurate Locations

GPS asset tracking provides visual tracking capabilities that allow you to pinpoint the specific location of each of your vehicles in real-time. You can see your assets, where they’re headed, and how fast they’re moving. 

You can even set up geofence alerts for when a vehicle enters or leaves a job site. This allows you to maintain control of your fleet with less effort, as you can rely on your system to notify you of any changes. 

Having critical insights into where your vehicles are at any given time can help with resource management and operations optimization while reducing the time it takes to coordinate your daily operations.

One company that has been reaping the benefits of real-time tracking is Adventure Boat Rentals in Missouri. Keeping track of their boats has never been easier for them.  

Adventure Boat Rentals owner Wade Falming said, “I’ve once spent over two hours trying to find one of our rental boats because the renters didn’t know where they were half the time.” 

“Now, with Spytec, when customers get lost, we can pull up their location right away and start guiding them back to us. Most importantly, when we’re going out to do a rescue, we know right where they’re at so we can get to their location as quickly as possible.”

2. Detailed View of Asset and Vehicle Usage

With equipment and fuel costs continuing to rise, it’s important to have an accurate database that tracks your expensive equipment’s usage and movement for efficiency. 

Having trackers on each of your assets means you’ll know when equipment is ready for service before it's too late. 

By finding out which assets have been in regular use, you'll know when to plan for maintenance and ensure all your equipment is in good condition when needed. Not only does GPS tracking help you keep up with the maintenance of your equipment and reveals ways to improve your current equipment by pinpointing assets that aren’t being utilized. 

According to, 20% of trailers across North America are sitting idle, resulting in inefficient use of assets that could generate revenue. Gaining insight into which of your assets you’re currently using and which assets can be rented out can help you generate revenue on the equipment you don’t need.  

One of our customers, an EMP energy company, recently discovered that they could be even more fuel efficient and save time by using GPS tracking on their equipment. 

“I told this driver he was supposed to take a certain route. I was looking at the map and noticed that he was taking the wrong route, costing us an extra 30 minutes to an hour each way,” explained the Service Superintendent. “If he had taken the route we gave him, we could have saved that time and fuel. Those types of things are probably what we utilize most with Spytec–the visibility.”

GPS tracking lets drivers select the safest route to their destination, often considering weather conditions, traffic news, and crash alerts. 

3. Instant, Real-Time Visibility… 

For Missing or Stolen Assets 

Employee and asset safety are some of the most important factors when running a business. Losing your assets to theft or accidents can take months to recover or replace if you don’t have effective asset tracking.   

An asset tracking system provides real-time alerts to inform you when assets and employees may be at risk due to theft or unsafe use of equipment.

Retail companies are hot targets for theft and can sometimes risk losing large amounts of revenue unless proper theft prevention is in place. Check out this example below from one of our customers.

“We’ve made over 150 arrests and recovered over $300,000 in merchandise from our GPS tracking activity with Spytec. It’s been truly such an asset to our operations,” said their Organized Retail Crime Manager after experiencing difficulty monitoring their stores. 

“We had a couple of break-ins, and luckily, we coordinated with law enforcement to respond quickly, make some arrests, and recover the stolen merchandise.”

The cost of a GPS for asset tracking heavily outweighs the potential costs of losing assets altogether. For retail businesses and companies like the one mentioned above, investing in real-time tracking with Spytec is a proven way to protect their assets. 

GPS tracking provides full visibility and real-time insight into where your stolen assets are and can be vital evidence for authorities after you recover your assets.  You can even set up Smart Boundary notifications to ensure you get alerted when things move out of place –as it happens.

For Employee Accountability 

Gain the visibility you need to keep track of your employees and the machinery they operate. With GPS tracking, you can see if your employees are at the correct site at the correct time. 

Receive real-time updates on your employees to ensure your business runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

“After a foreman was caught sleeping in his work truck during the day, and another was caught logging longer hours than he worked on his timesheet, we needed an efficient way to hold employees accountable while they’re out on the job,” explained Trenton Rath, Safety Manager & Field Accountant at HQS Construction. “Now, we’ve just gained a ton of peace of mind. With Spytec, I can easily find where the drivers are or send them to another site.”

For Better Operations 

Have you ever received a call from an agitated customer asking for an ETA, and you didn’t have an accurate answer? Explaining a delay in shipment can be near impossible if you don’t have real-time tracking. 

Xchange Logistics, a well-known global freight forwarding company, has used GPS systems in the past but recently switched to Spytec to better understand the company’s operations and make tracking easier. 

“We had multiple dispatches to keep track of the packages on our regular GPS, but it didn’t have alerts to set up or anything, so we would just have to keep checking in. However, with large customers and even larger orders, we needed a better way to provide our services and updates –that’s when we found Spytec,” explained Kiki Situ, Operations Supervisor at Xchange Logistics. Now, with Spytec, Situ can access GPS features like Smart Boundary Alerts and Notifications, so she knows exactly when items arrive and leave a certain area. 

“Keeping track of all my shipments used to be very difficult for me. Now, I have a helpful application and a lot of devices, and I can see where everything is instantly. That means I can respond to the customer directly. I don't need to ask, I don't need to wait, and that's a very good thing. That's why I think it's very valuable. I think it’s the first thing I know will make my job easier,” said Kiki. 

This is where the use of live tracking comes into play. Live Tracking allows you to see your items move in real-time. With increased visibility, reporting back to customers becomes much more accurate–and results in happier customers! 

Improve Profitability and Productivity with Real-Time GPS Tracking 

Each second counts when making informed decisions that enhance your business operations. If you need real-time insights on your vehicles and assets, it is time to leverage real-time GPS tracking solutions today. 

Spytec provides a fast and reliable real-time GPS tracking system that allows you to monitor your assets remotely. Contact us today to request a demo.

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