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Product Update - February 2023 - User Empowerment


This update, mobile version 5.18.6 and web version 1.24.0, adds a lot of completely new features, as well as some increased functionality to existing bits of the app. With Reporting Modes, we opened the proverbial Pandora's box of options for managing trackers, so there are some new behaviors to play with there. We are also adding a new report to the app, that will give users more data and statistics. These things are what gives the update its name, we want to empower you to do the work that needs to be done. These new features help do that.

Onto to the nuts and bolts of the update:

  • New Tracker Settings - Reboot & Ping
  • New Tracker Diagnostics - Network Mode Switch & Factory Reset
  • New Usage Report - A collection of tracker data and statistics
  • Tracker Card Updates
  • New Charging Alerts
  • Time Machine Improvements
  • Activation and Online Alerts
  • Various Bug Fixes

*As per standard this is a staggered release, it may take up to 7 days for your apps to update.

It’s another big update, that fits with our idea of packaging small updates with larger ones, making it an easier process to adapt to the new updates. Let’s dive in.

New Tracker Settings

Two new tracker settings have been added to the apps. First, we have reboot. This is a remote reboot command that will restart the tracker and will force it to reconnect to the platform. This will be useful in many instances. If a tracker is having reporting issues and there is no immediate explanation, rebooting the tracker is an ideal step in trying to reconnect the device.

Secondly, we have the Ping command. This will send an over the air manual ping to the selected device. It will force the device to report its current location. This is another useful tool in troubleshooting any issues a tracker may be having. This is not and should not be used as a replacement for traditional reporting modes.

As a final note, trackers will need to be able to connect to the platform for these commands to have any effect. An offline tracker, for instance, will not be able to be manually pinged.

New Tracker Diagnostics

There are two further tracker related additions that we are calling tracker diagnostics. This is not to be confused with diagnostics from the asset being tracked. These apply to the technical diagnostics for the actual tracking device.

They are Network Mode Switch, which allows you to remotely swap the tracker from US coverage to International coverage and vice versa. This will keep you from having to call support in the event of a trip. It is important to note that any swaps to the Network mode will need to be made while the tracker is in the US. If leaving the US, swap prior to the trip, if traveling from a location outside the US to the states, make the change after arriving.

Second up, we have the Factory Reset option. This will revert the tracker to the settings and configuration to what they were when the tracker was first activated. This will not affect the historical data of the tracker.

Similar to the new tracker settings, the trackers will need to be connected in order for these commands to be executed.

Usage Report

Another new feature that we are very excited about is the new usage report. This report will feature new data points and statistics about all of your trackers. Will calculate the following :

  • Active Hours
  • Active Days
  • Moving Hours
  • Moving Days
  • Distance Covered
  • Starting Odometer
  • Ending Odometer

This report is an excellent way to get a broad view of what is happening with a tracked asset, via the stats. I like to think of this report as the back of a baseball card, showing you the statistical overview. For more info, head to the link here.

Tracker Card Updates

We have updated the tracker cards for both web and mobile applications to display the current reporting mode on the tracker card. This makes it easier to see, keeping users from having to navigate to the settings to view the current mode.

New Charging Alerts

Two new alerts have been added. They are Charging Started and Charging Stopped. These will alert you when those two conditions have been met. This will make for a much simpler process for knowing when your battery powered devices are finished charging, or if something is preventing them from starting the charging process.

Time Machine Improvements

We have added additional caching in the background in an effort to speed up the rendering performance for Time Machine sessions that involve a large amount of data. This will continue to be monitored and improved even more!

Activation and Online Alerts

Two new alerts have been added to the apps that have to do with newly activated trackers. You will now get alerts when a tracker has been successfully activated, then another when the tracker has come online and reported its location. Knowing exactly what is happening when you add a new device is a key to having a successful start with the apps, so we want to make it clear and easy to see.

Wrapping Up

This is a big update, and we are excited for you to dive into it. As usual, the release will be staggered over 7 days, so if your app has not updated yet, do not panic. We want these updates to be impactful and have real meaning. Get into the apps, have a play around and let us know what works.

Thank you,

TJ Chasteen

Product Evangelist

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