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How to Control Access to Historical Data For New Users

Our next app releases are dropping right now, and we want to show you what we have been working on. This round, we’re helping you control access to historical data for new users, and we're focusing on two areas: User Management and Customer Support. 

First, we have made a couple of updates to User Management, based on feedback from you, our users. Let’s take a look. 

User Management: What’s New?

You can now add an admin-level user, but limit the number of trackers that they can see. If you have managers that need to work autonomously but only need to see a couple of the trackers on the account, this is how to turn them loose and get them going. 


We have also added the ability to limit how much historical information a new user can see about the trackers they have access to. So, if you utilize user roles by giving a user access to your customers, you can limit how far back they can see into a tracker's past. 


Customer Support: What’s New? 

The second big add in this update is quick and easy access to our Customer Success team. Now, our business customers can schedule a meeting, shoot an email to, or hop on the phone with their Success Manager in just a few clicks, all right from the app. 


We hope these improvements have a positive effect on your business –that’s our goal. We love to get feedback from our users, and we love it, even more, when we can take quick action on that feedback. So, hop in the app, try out these new features and let us know how they are working for you and your team. 

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