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Top 13 Use Case Examples for GPS Asset Tracking

Every business has valuable assets. Whether you’re an event company needing to track equipment, a retail company needing to track products, or even a donation company needing to track bins, there’s a solution that’s perfect for you. 

Anything you need to keep track of for your business –a quality GPS asset tracking device can make your life and operations much easier. 

The internet of things (IoT) leverages sensors and connected GPS asset tracking devices to enable remote monitoring and management of an asset's geoposition and movements –all so you know exactly where your items are –in the past and in real-time.

There are several advantages to using a GPS asset tracking device, as long as you’re working with the right system. This includes the following: 

  • Centralized data
  • Enhanced asset lifetime management
  • Enhanced security and recovery of critical assets
  • Provide value to your business

Here are the top 13 unique IoT use cases for GPS asset tracking.

  1. Construction [See Testimonial]
  2. Retail 
  3. Rentals 
  4. Event Companies 
  5. Employee Monitoring 
  6. Mentor Programs [See Testimonial]
  7. Emergency Services [See Testimonial]
  8. Donation Bins
  9. Manufacturing 
  10. Municipal Services
  11. Defined Areas
  12. Tournaments
  13. Fleet Management 

For any of these use cases, you’re going to need a GPS asset tracking device that’s portable and easy to use –with an affordable price, a long battery life, and more coverage. Let’s dive in. 

GPS Asset Tracking Use Cases for Every Business

1. GPS Asset Tracking for Construction Equipment

GPS asset tracking helps with resource management and theft prevention for construction equipment on job sites. In fact, construction companies are able to gain peace of mind knowing exactly where their equipment is –especially if and when it enters or leaves the boundaries they set. They can also easily move unused equipment to a different location or job site as needed –instead of spending so much time trying to find it. 

Read a full testimonial to see exactly how a construction company benefits from using a GPS asset tracking solution. 

Click here to download.

2. GPS Asset Tracking for Retail 

Retail companies can benefit from attaching GPS tracking devices to their clothes and shipments. When it comes to theft or store break-ins, they are more able to quickly coordinate a law enforcement response, make some arrests, and recover merchandise thanks to full tracking visibility. Retailers who use third-party shippers can also put GPS trackers in boxes to see if their merchandise actually makes it to their stores.

3. Asset & Equipment GPS Tracking for Rentals 

Any rental company can benefit from tracking the assets and equipment they rent out to ensure it’s where it’s always supposed to be –which is incredibly helpful for preventing theft. However, some companies may benefit differently. For example, we know a rental bike company that uses asset tracking devices to track e-bikes and keep their renters safe –specifically to ensure they aren’t going off-trail.

4. Asset & Equipment GPS Tracking for Event Companies 

Event companies can also benefit from GPS tracking –tracking their equipment and decor from storage to display, and back again, to make sure they know where their items are at all times. 

One example we can share is an event company that sets up booths at trade shows for other businesses. They hold the booths and track them from transit, to set up, to storage –ensuring all booths are built and followed back to storage. Race tracks may also have a similar use case for shuttles –tracking them from place to place in transit, and back to storage. 

5. GPS Asset Tracking for Employee Monitoring 

Many businesses can benefit from GPS asset tracking to monitor their employees and hold them accountable. GPS tracking devices can be put on vehicles to know where employees are and what they were doing. This way, you can prove that employees are filling out timesheets correctly and are working when they say they are. Learn more about employee monitoring while driving in number 13: GPS tracking for fleet management. 

6. GPS Asset Tracking for Mentor Programs 

Mentor programs who travel with youth or minors can use GPS asset trackers to know where everyone is at all times –if they ever need to find them or share a history. This ensures the safety of everyone and gives the organization, parents, schools, and community partners more peace of mind. 

Read a full testimonial to see exactly how a mentorship program benefits from using a GPS asset tracking solution. 

Click here to download. 

7. GPS Asset Tracking For Emergency Services

GPS asset tracking helps to deploy quick emergency responses. For example, during marathons or similar events, there could be emergency medical needs for runners that require a quick response. If someone were to have a heart attack, they need to be able to send emergency support with the best response time –ideally a unit that is closest. Visibility into where resources are via GPS asset tracking devices allows them to do that. 

Read a full testimonial to see exactly how a marathon organization benefits from using a GPS asset tracking solution for their emergency services. 

Click here to download. 

8. GPS Asset Tracking for Donation Bins

Donation organizations, or non-profit organizations with a similar system, can benefit from GPS asset tracking on their donation bins. Whether it’s clothing, food, or anything else, if a company has donation bins spread all over, they’ll likely want to make sure they can pick up any donations that are left there. A GPS asset tracking system allows them to know exactly where their bins are at all times –so they know when and where to pick it up. They can also quickly recover it if it ever happens to be stolen. 

9. GPS Asset Tracking for Manufacturing 

Manufacturing companies can leverage GPS asset tracking to make sure they know where their raw materials are. For example, a car manufacturing businesses may use GPS asset tracking to set the right expectations for their customers. This way, they know when their materials will arrive and when cars will be finished on the production line and ready for delivery. 

10. GPS Tracking for Municipal Services

Several municipal services can benefit from GPS tracking. Whether the city is tracking tree trimmers, or even golf carts at the city golf course, they need to know exactly where their assets, tools, and equipment are at. GPS asset tracking devices allow them to see exactly what’s happening and when, so they can operate better, and serve their community better. 

11. GPS Asset Tracking for Defined Areas

This is a unique example that many different businesses may be able to benefit from, which is tracking assets or equipment in a defined area. In this case, you can refer to our example in #1: tracking for construction equipment if it leaves a boundary in a set area. However, this one is about knowing that your asset is in one area, rather than knowing whether it moves out of it. 

Let’s talk about a non-static asset that may be constantly moving. For example, we know of a business that is testing how some moose react to a type of medicine. The idea is they want the moose to keep moving, so they need to know that it is by tracking them via a GPS asset tracking device. More importantly, a device that can be easily recovered once it falls off. 

12. GPS Asset Tracking for Tournaments 

Just like the marathon example in #7, tournaments can benefit from GPS tracking for other reasons. For example, instead of using it for emergency services, they can use it to track their resources or even participants. Marathons can leverage GPS tracking devices to send support to runners who are just dropping out of the race. And fishing tournaments can use GPS tracking devices to track boats on the water –to ensure everyone comes back safely. 

13. GPS Tracking for Fleet Management 

GPS asset tracking is a great tool for fleet management, as it automatically logs a record of vehicle stops and routes, offering a slew of business benefits. Fleet tracking benefits include keeping customers informed and happy, ensuring drivers are in route and on time, identifying efficient travel routes, gaining visibility into driver behavior, aligning vehicle maintenance schedules, and recovering vehicles if stolen. 

Get a GPS Asset Tracking Solution That Suits Your Needs 

As you can see, there are many use cases for GPS asset tracking. And the list doesn’t just stop there. No matter what industry or business you’re in, you may be able to benefit from a quality GPS tracking device so you can track your valuable assets. 

Check out our list of the top 5 GPS asset tracking solutions in 2022. If you’d like to learn more about how Spytec can help your business, contact us and we’d be happy to give you a demo or point you in the best direction. 

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