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How to Choose the Best GPS Tracking Solution for Your Business

Implementing a GPS tracker is a rather simple process. The more difficult part is choosing the right GPS tracking solution with the necessary functions, expertise, and compatibility to provide the results your business seeks.

Keep in mind that a low-cost GPS tracker is not always a good investment. In order to determine which solution and features will benefit your business the most, you should also be able to answer the following questions:

  • Why do you want a GPS tracker for your company?
  • What type of information do you need to track with a GPS tracker?
  • Do you need to monitor the driver's actions? 

Once you narrow down your needs and set your budget, you can start to narrow down your choices.

The Best GPS Tracking Solutions Have These Characteristics in Common:

Every tracking device has its own set of functions. Before getting a GPS tracking solution, you should look for certain characteristics. The following are a few aspects to consider when choosing a GPS tracking solution.

Advanced GPS Connection

Mobile communication technologies (2G, 3G, 4G) impact the speed with which data is given and received by GPS devices, allowing it to be translated into updates, alerts, or notifications.

The GPS tracker must be able to communicate with the global positioning system. Although 3G is common for customers, your business GPS tracker should offer much more. 4G service offers a greater amount of data transfer and speed than the 3G provider. A few trackers also employ LBS and Wi-Fi to provide solid coverage while reducing costs.


This function is available in a number of GPS tracking solutions. Geofences are zones that can be defined on a map, such as a radius around a single point. You can set up geofences around neighborhoods you prefer to avoid, customer locations, or any other region you want to keep an eye on. Triggered notifications enable you to observe activities more passively. Rather than continually monitoring the real-time map, you can simply be notified when a geofence is crossed. 

Status Notifications

In times of emergency, speed is critical. Give your team the convenience to contact you immediately via real-time status notifications. 

Additionally, any type of connected or portable tracker will notify you when a driver increases their speed. It provides you with alerts informing you of potential accidents and allows you to maintain control over your fleet’s speed and safety.

Battery Life

No one wants to buy a tracker that dies often. You can choose wired trackers that are powered by the car, but battery life is important when selecting a portable GPS tracker. 

GPS trackers powered by batteries work independently of a vehicle's power supply. They will be powered by their own long-lasting battery. They communicate their whereabouts to monitors, just like any other monitoring device. However, in order to conserve battery life, they may not report in as frequently.

Theft Protection

When your vehicle is stolen, you must act quickly. Depending on the kind of equipment, you can tailor the ping rate to meet the demands of your company. Heavy equipment, such as loaders, can necessitate real-time tracking, but an unpowered asset may just require twice-daily check-ins. In the event that your equipment is stolen, GPS tracking devices will assist you in tracking down the exact position of your equipment so that you may recover it or work with local authorities to address this problem fast.

Geofence notifications from GPS tracking can also help prevent equipment theft. Geofence alerts warn you when a piece of equipment departs from a preset area, that might indicate theft.

4 Crucial Steps to Choosing the Best GPS Tracking Solution

1. Clarify Your Company’s Challenges and Expectations

Identifying your concerns is the first step in choosing the best GPS tracking solution.  For example, are you overspending on fuel? Are your mobile assets being used for side jobs by your employees? 

Also identify your key pain points and business concerns, such as safety, efficiency, or accountability - the issues you face will affect what you need in a solution and the sorts of data points you must monitor, such as idle times, speed, or engine duration.

Determine the asset types (vehicles, trailers, or equipment) and the number of assets you will track.

This approach should include all departments that will use the technology. Having multiple points of view can help you find the best answer and avoid overlooking key difficulties that go unaddressed. 

2. Take the Time to Thoroughly Investigate Potential Suppliers

Is the provider in tune with your company's needs? Understand how onboarding works, the boundaries of system support, and whether or not you will be assigned a special account manager. Also look into which systems can best solve your issues.

A good idea would be to request and compare GPS tracking solution quotes from multiple companies. You can also look for some customer testimonials and reviews to compare solutions. 

3. Know the Expenses of Your System

Get more information about the following cost components: hardware, installation, and feature sets. Don’t forget that the time spent by your personnel to operate the system is also an expense. Understand the expenses of expanded system features, even if you aren't going to adopt them right now.

Also you should consider contract type and term, vehicle or equipment type, and the number of units installed, when calculating costs.

4. Request a ‘Test Drive’

Would you buy a new vehicle without first taking it for a test drive? The same logic applies when it comes to choosing a new GPS tracking solution. We suggest doing a pilot with many providers so that you can compare their capabilities side by side. 

Think about both your current and long-term goals when considering the functionality of GPS trackers. You may want a more powerful solution in the future, therefore it is important to choose the right GPS tracker that can grow with your business. If a service doesn’t allow you to try it before your purchase, your expectations are unlikely to match the company's claims.

Ready To Choose?

As you can see there are some aspects that you should consider before choosing the best tracker for your business. The market offers a lot of solutions, but make sure you get what you really need. Contact us today to learn more about Spytec GPS and how it can boost efficiency in your business. 

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