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“We’ve really just gained a ton of peace of mind, just knowing where the equipment is. Even if it doesn’t move –we know it’s there”

Trenton, Safety Manager & Field Accountant

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Designed for flexibility. No contract. No cancellation fees. Pay month-to-month.

All Essential Features
Live Tracking, Time Machine Trips, Alerts, Boundaries and Reporting


Flexible Notifications
Mobile and browser push notifications. Via email and SMS


Technical Support
Any technical support you need via chat and email. During business hours only


Cancel Anytime
Cancel or pause your subscription at any time


3 User Limit
Only 3 users per account. No upgrades

6-Month Device Warranty
6-month warranty on your devices. From the date of purchase

What Customers Are Saying.

capital Project Manager at Capital Beverages

“You can instantly log on and see where everything is at, even from your cell phone. The information is at your fingertips, and there’s no one else that competes.”

images CEO of J&A Freight

“What Spytec provides is even better than an Amazon experience. We can tell our clients where their freight is at any given moment, down to the exact intersection.”

Wheels_logo Cofounder of Wheels

“Spytec worked with us to accomplish very specific milestones in order to achieve the end goal of optimizing and making the GPS devices as efficient as possible.”


Need some clarification?

What do I get as a business customer?

We offer special business pricing that includes a dedicated customer success manager, unique hardware, and longer subscription options. Please reach out to sales to learn more.

Do I need a subscription for every device?

Yes, each tracker on your account requires its own subscription.

Are there any fees to cancel?

There are no contracts to sign or hidden fees. You are in total control of your account and can cancel your account at any time and reactivate whenever you want to resume tracking.

Note: Keep in mind, if you choose our Annual subscription plan, your service and billing will remain active through your annual renewal date.

Are contracts mandatory?

No. No contracts are mandatory. Unless you choose our Annual subscription plan. Your contract will be billed for one full year. 

What if I want to add more devices in the future?

You can add devices to your account at any time! Simply log in to your account and navigate to our Tracker Management porta

What happens after I complete activation?

Once activation is complete, your tracker will connect to local cellular networks and look to connect to the GPS satellites in space. Please take your tracker on a 10-15 minute trip to obtain a strong cell & GPS signal.

How often will my tracker update?

While in motion, your tracker will update its location every 30-seconds. Once the device goes to rest, it will update its location once every 3-hours; this is to preserve its battery life.

Where do I go to see my tracker on the map?

You can login to your account through a web browser (Google Chrome preferred) or download our mobile app:
  • On the Web:
  • Android Mobile App: Link Here
  • iOS Mobile App: Link HereYou will need to complete the activation process before you can successfully log in to your account.

You will need to complete the activation process before you can successfully log in to your account.

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