Real-Time GPS Tracking

Know where your vehicle or valuables are located at any given time through the fastest, most-intuitive tracking platform.

The Spytec GPS tracking app works on any device:

GL300 Real-Time GPS Tracker

Real-Time GPS Tracker - Monitor Vehicles, Valuables, and Loved Ones

GL300 Real-Time GPS Tracker

GL300 Real-Time GPS Tracker

The GL300 GPS tracker provides pinpoint location data in real time. Place in a backpack, under a car seat, or pair with a magnetic case to adhere to the underside of a vehicle.

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Pair the GL300 tracker with a magnetic case to place beneath a vehicle.


Precise Tracking Solution

Spytec GPS provides everything you need to track vehicles and valuables with ease.

Fastest GPS Tracking

A cloud infrastructure built from the ground up ensures the fastest tracking experience.

Intuitive Software

Monitor your tracker’s movement straight from a browser or the Spytec GPS app.

I’ve use the gps trackers for a solid week now and couldn’t be more satisfied. The unit is very remote and attaches easily to the vehicle. It’s up to date alerts are easy to understand just like the set up instructions, and when I had a problem the technical support staff was on top of my issue.”

Robert C.