Meet the Authors

Holly Stephens

Holly Stephens is the Senior Copywriter of Digital Branding for Spytec GPS. She works across a number of platforms, including blogs, social, and email, strategizing and implementing marketing copy and content. A wordsmith of many facets, she’s written and blogged for a variety of technology companies, home decor brands, and magazines for the past seven years. Outside of the GPS and content writing realm, Holly is a yoga teacher and avid reader of tech and software-based news. She can be contacted at

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Max S.

Max S. is a content writer at Spytec GPS, where he writes copy and content for blogs, emails, and the website. In addition to keeping up with the latest in the tech space, his interests outside of work include assembling model airplanes, playing bocce ball, and hiking.

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Ilyssa Kanan

Ilyssa Kanan is a B2B Account Executive for Spytec GPS. Highly experienced in the B2B marketplace, she's spent the past ten years building out sales structures for tech, service, and finance companies. Ilyssa enjoys weekends at the beach and playing with her inquisitive three-year-old son.

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