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Spytec GPS Software Feature Release 5/6/2021

This spring we are excited to introduce all-new features as well as big improvements to current features to the Spytec GPS App. These changes and additions are designed to make tracking simpler, smarter, and more intuitive. 

New Tracker Tab

When you open the mobile app, you will now see the Live Map interface. This new interface enhances the way you interact with your trackers on the map. 

If you have multiple trackers, you can now easily filter them, allowing you to see the information you need without getting bogged down in extra data. 

Each tracker’s history will be displayed on the main map for up to 24 hours, and you can visualize alerts on the map itself, such speeding and boundary alerts. 

Updated map overlays include boundaries, weather, and traffic views, and you can toggle between map styles within the app itself. We have also introduced a monochrome map for easier viewing. 

Enhanced Boundaries 

Boundaries are an important way you keep track of what matters to you. We've enhanced Boundaries to be more flexible and responsive to our customers’ needs. 

Draw boundaries of any shape on the map, and easily resize boundaries from our web app. The streamlined boundary creation process allows you to color-code your boundaries for easy viewing, and to drag and drop them wherever you need on the map. 

Upgraded Tracker List

On the mobile app, we have redesigned the tracker list to make checking the status of your trackers more straightforward. Sort and filter your trackers as needed, and customize lists to see only the information that is relevant to you. 

Share a Location

Now you can share a snapshot of your tracker’s location via email or text message. The recipient of the link can view the tracker’s location on a map. 

Ignition Alerts for the OBD Tracker

If you have an OBD Tracker, you can now receive an alert when your engine turns on and off. Receive alerts by push notification, SMS, or email, and view ignition alerts easily on the map.