A Guide to Hiding your Hidden Camera
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A Guide to Placing Your Hidden Camera

Where to Place Your Camera:

Most of us buy a hidden camera with some idea of how and what we would like to record. Your reasons for buying a hidden camera could be specific, like confirming that your neighbor has been abducting your garbage cans for his own nefarious purposes, or more general, as in making sure your nanny behaves appropriately around the kids.

In either case, the motivation you had for purchasing a hidden camera determines your ideal placement option. To catch your neighbor, put your recording device in the garage, in range of the garbage cans. If you are worried about the nanny, use a nanny cam in the rooms your kids spend the most time in, perhaps the nursery, living room, or kitchen.

Where to Hide Your Camera:

Now that you have an idea what area inside or outside of your house you would like to record, your next step is to find the perfect hiding spot for your camera, but a couple of questions come to mind: Where exactly should you place your hidden camera? What should you hide your camera in or around? How big or small should the camera be?

The guiding principle you need to keep in mind while considering these questions is that a hidden camera can only be effective if it does exactly what its name implies: stays hidden. While you can buy a general purpose hidden camera, one that is small, has great video quality, and gives you a quite a bit of versatility, it will never completely blend into its surroundings. In order to do that, you need to purchase a camera seamlessly built into a common household item.

The advantage of these cameras is that they look nothing like surveillance cameras, allowing them to be naturally positioned throughout the house in the recording location of your choice. The most appropriate cameras, and the ones least likely to draw attention, will come in the form of something natural to the room or location you want to record.

While you know your household items better than I do, here are some hidden camera suggestions that should blend naturally into just about anyone’s home:

Kitchen: What kitchen would be complete without a coffeemaker? Household plants and wall clocks are other kitchen staples.

Coffee Machine Camera

Living Room: A smoke detector is the perfect cover for a camera, while no one would think to look closely at the clothes hook on the wall or the tissue box on the table.

Tissue Box Hidden Camera

Office: With all of your tech toys and tools on full display, no one would look twice at the WiFi router, AC adapter, or digital picture frame.

Digital Picture Frame Camera

Bedroom: What is more natural in a bedroom than a bedside clock radio, less noticeable than a power outlet, or more ubiquitous than an Ipod dock?

Mini Clock Radio Hidden Camera

Use these household items and placement ideas to think of other hidden cameras built into objects that naturally appear in your house or, if you prefer, to camouflage a more general purpose hidden camera.