GPS Tracking for Private Investigators
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GPS Tracking for Private Investigators

As a private investigator, your clients expect you to gather hard evidence that proves what happened and when. You need discreet ways to gather that evidence, and for that, a GPS tracker is hard to beat.

Installed in the engine compartment or the undercarriage of a vehicle, a GPS tracker is hard to detect, and it transmits reliable location data you can access remotely. With the right accessories, you can covertly track a target for months without having to recharge your GPS device.

See where they’ve been

Once you install a GPS tracker on a vehicle, you can use our intuitive software to see everywhere your target has been within a time or date range. You don’t have to return to the vehicle to obtain your evidence—it’s all transmitted and accessed remotely, and you can access the data from a computer or mobile device.

Alerts when they arrive and leave

Using Spytec GPS, you can set digital boundaries around areas you want to monitor (geofencing) and receive instant alerts when your target leaves or enters the designated area. You can receive a text, push notification, or email—whatever you prefer.

With boundaries, you don’t have to spend hours waiting around for activity—you only need to track when there’s something to see.

Track in real-time

Your GPS tracker is only as good as the platform you use to access it. With Spytec GPS, you’ll have a convenient interface to remotely monitor your target in real-time, so you can be where they’re going to be and collect additional evidence or alert your client.

Get the best in GPS

For discreet, long-lasting GPS tracking, the GL300 is hard to beat. Measuring just three inches long, it’s compact enough to be easily concealed in the engine compartment or beneath a vehicle, and the battery lasts for two weeks. With our suite of accessories, you can modify your GPS tracker to run indefinitely off the vehicle’s battery, or you can add a six month battery and protective magnetic case.

Get the GL300 or shop accessories.