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Go-To Guide: What is Telematics? Part 1

Have you ever wondered what telematics is? Or maybe: What's the history or telematics? What does GPS have to do with telematics? Who uses telematics? We've answered all these questions and more.

GPS trackers for kids are a difficult topic. As a parent, your child’s safety is paramount no matter where they are or what they’re doing. Many parents find that giving their child a tracker, or installing one in the car of a teen driver, allows them to worry less when the time comes to allow the child explore the world on their own. GPS trackers might not seem like the most intuitive way to allow your child more freedom, but in a world of uncertainty, having location and movement data at your fingertips goes a long way.

As in the case of an elderly parent, carrying a tracking device allows a child or teen to live independently while ensuring the caregiver’s peace of mind. It is important when choosing a tracker to keep in mind the features that would be most useful for the situation. Instead of moment-to-moment updates, parents might choose to receive notifications only when the tracker leaves a designated region, when the ignition status is turned on or off, or if the driving speed is too high. Our Boundary feature is particularly helpful, letting you know when your child leaves a specific radius surrounding a set location like a neighborhood or school zone. This feature is leveraged using geofencing technology, which you can read about more by visiting our Geofencing Go-To Guide blog

Another feature that makes Spytec GPS trackers the best for kids is the programmable SOS button on the Spytec GPS GL300, which allows the child to reach a parent or emergency service at the push of a button should they feel they are in danger. Parents aren’t the only people whose anxieties can be alleviated by this feature; children who are nervous about being separated from their parents may feel more comfortable out in the world on their own knowing that if anything were to happen, help would be just a step away. 

Explore the Spytec GPS Platform to discover more features that are both user-friendly and highly customizable.

The GL300 is designed with durability in mind, including water resistance, so you can rest assured that no matter how hard your kid plays, their likelihood of damaging the device is much lower than with a cell phone or smart watch. Vehicle trackers like the OBD and Hardwired Tracker require even less maintenance, as they install directly into your teen’s vehicle and never need to be removed for charging. You can also attach the GL300 to the underside of a teen’s vehicle using a handy magnetic case that takes just seconds to install. We have various options, including the M2 Case, the M6 Pro XL Extended Battery Life Case, and the M4 Pro Extended Battery Life Case.

As a parent, you don’t want to waste time dealing with complicated activation services or a difficult-to-use interface. Spytec GPS allows you to set up and install your tracker in minutes, so you can get back to the real work: parenting. To find out more about Spytec GPS trackers and decide which one is right for you, try our Product Finder Quiz.